Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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The Woman I am- Mixed media female empowerment painting
Anita Nowinska

The Woman I am- Mixed media female empowerment painting

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Title:       The woman I am

Medium:  Mixed Media- available as a 80x60cm limited edition canvas print (edition of only 25)

About this painting: The wonderful thing about the passage of time is our incredible ability to adapt, change & create new ways of being.
I sometimes look back over the years at events, things I was wrapped up in & who I was at that time. The older I get the more I see that throughout our lifetime we are in effect many totally different people. As we learn, change, experience & sometimes do things we look back on & cringe at, we grow. Each experience changes us.
If someone I knew 20, 10 even 5 years ago sat down with me now for a long chat, they would be talking to a completely different person & I would probably see them as someone familiar but separate from who they once were.
Certain intrinsic parts of us remain, but we are so versatile in our capability to be self aware & let go of what doesn’t serve us.
I now look back at the things I’m less happy about in my past & see them as dandelion seeds in the breeze. I can choose to gently blow them away & plant new ideas, new knowledge & new ways of being as a soul in this planet of ours.
There is never anything which needs to be regretted, because everything we have been has shaped us into who we are now & who we will become in the future. Every mistake is a step closer to the discovery of something wonderful.
It’s what makes us special, this ability to consciously choose who we want to be, conquer our programming, brush aside the negative & embrace our errors as valuable lessons to take us forward to better places.
Life is such an amazing journey, such an adventure to embrace with gusto. I find myself, these days, looking back with a smile or a wince at who I was & looking forward with anticipation at what I’ll learn & experience as time moves forward.
One of the positives to pull out of these strange times has been the chance for introspective thinking & consideration about things we don’t usually have time to dwell on.
As the doors slowly start opening again to life outside of the home let’s look forward with determination to make the most of life. To appreciate the little things we once took for granted & have now become precious. Let the Spring which Nature brings also be a blossoming of the joy we get from life💜