Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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  • anita nowinska buttercup meadow painting on canvas

‘Art for well-being. Evocative big paintings created through mindfulness in Nature, bringing energy, joy & calm to your space.’


Welcome & thank you for joining me in my online gallery.

The power of Nature & taking time to observe its minute details & abundance has incredible effects on  well-being. This is the primary inspiration for my work.

Exploring the way our ancient genetic connection to the seasons, flora & colours in Nature influences how we feel is the foundation behind the big paintings of flowers, meadows & natural landscapes I create.

I paint what I need, not what I feel. Whatever is happening in life, taking the time to observe Nature in quiet contemplation soothes my mind mind & eases my body. You will most often find me with a sketchbook or camera, wandering through gardens, sitting in wild meadows or with my head in a hedgerow, fascinated by those little things we usually walk past. The play of dappled light through meadow grasses, the glint of a dew drop on a petal, these things fill me with wonder & galvanise me to explore them on my canvas.

These quiet moments translate into the big evocative paintings I create, which celebrate the simple wonder of the world around me.

Somehow, immersing myself in the creative process results in answers to life's puzzles revealing themselves. I find myself relaxing, feeling joy & pain easing. I find it incredibly humbling that many of my collectors say that my work brings them the same sense of well-being.

Each painting carries its own story, an opportunity to ponder & feel uplifted. The effect is so powerful that I literally get ill if I don't paint for any prolonged period of time.

For me, the painting process is my consuming passion & I feel that my purpose in life is to share it.

From me, to you..

A few years ago I discovered that there is now scientific evidence that images of the natural world produce endorphins, serotonin & make you feel good. The term for this effect is 'Biophylia".

Another deep motivation around my work is that bringing attention to these simple things may promote looking at things in a new way. Noticing, caring, nurturing & hopefully helping our wild world in its struggles. Whether it be to plant a tree, a small patch of meadow or simply to not pull out that brave Dandelion which has survived against all odds between the paving stones.

Please feel free to cantact me with any questions.

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Thanks for visiting & I hope you enjoy my art as much as I love creating it.