Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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Nature, creativity & inspiring others have always been my greatest passions, so bringing them together has always been an obvious choice.
Throughout life's ups and downs painting has brought me peace and fulfilment. At the darkest time in my life, having lost everything, I discovered that the creative process has a strong healing effect. From that moment I pursued a full time career doing what I love.
Rather than painting what I feel, I paint what I need and the painting process brings the gift of changing emotions. So if I’m stressed, I paint peace and relaxation. Exhausted, I paint vitality and energy and that’s how I end up feeling. The painting process is deeply meditative & somehow, the paintings seem to whisper with insights & solutions to whatever is happening & answers to find in life.
My work explores the effect of Nature's colour & detail on our emotions and wellbeing. I’m investigating the deeply ingrained genetic link we have with nature and how the seasons, changes and colour impact on how we feel. There is even a scientific name for it these days, ‘Biophilia’, where it has been shown that bringing images & nature into our home & work environments promotes wellbeing, focus & positive energy to both body & mind.
I've been lucky enough to have my work collected all over the world, staged some exciting big exhibitions in prestigious venues & heard from so many students studying my work for their GCSE's & A'Levels.
I’ve been incredibly humbled and grateful not only to be able to paint, but to hear beautiful testimonials from those who have felt my work move them in some way.
I currently live & have my studio in the beautiful Devon countryside, where I support my gorgeous Son & elderly Mother.

hope you enjoy browsing through my website & maybe take a moment to sit and just be. Relax, let go of all thought and just enjoy the time to stop and let nature’s colours carry you away.