Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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Anita Nowinska is a contemporary artist who creates evocative big paintings inspired by flowers, gardens & meadows & the British landscape.

Born & raised in London she found herself craving escape to the countryside where she immerse herself in Nature.

Painting brought Anita peace and fulfilment, although for many years it was something only to be indulged in her free time. 

Aged 7 she was taken under the wing of an eminent artist of the time & studied amongst a group of postgraduate artists at Bayswater studios, often having her work held up as an example (which she found entertaining at the time, a small girl among emerging professional artists)

artist anita nowinska with her evocative big flower paintings english garden paintings, wild flowermeadow paintings

Having taken the direction of ‘A proper job’ in the Thatcher years, Anita worked in senior roles in  commercial Interiors, recruitment & even managed a race track. Eventually starting her own business.

Every spare hour was spent drawing & painting, becoming ever more aware that it was Art which gave her any sense of satisfaction or fulfillment. Escaping to gardens & countryside on weekends she indulged in her affair with colour & natural form.

The Universe obviously had plans for her too. At the darkest time of her life, having lost everything, she discovered her old box of pastels & that the creative process had a strong healing effect. From that moment she pursued a full time career doing what she loved most..

Anita began painting in, oils, acrylic & pastel. Big sensuous canvases exuding flow & colour. Her work expressing themes of feminine strength & the deep genetic connection we have with Nature. .

Her creative practice became a form of meditative state, during which stories & answers unfolded, bringing understanding & resolution to life's issues. 

flower bouquet paintings by anita nowinska at RHS Wisley

Over the past 18 years Anita held big solo exhibitions in prestigious locations such as RHS Wisley, Hyde Hall & London Galleries. Her career as an artist took off as people began commenting on the feelings of well being & relaxation they experienced through her work, with some fascinating testimonials emerging of  positive changes in mental health, relationships & confidence. (If you would like to read about some of these, please visit Anitas blog posts)

Anitas work can also been found filling a number of spas, hotels, hospitals & office premises in the UK, Europe, US & UAE, where she worked closely with architects & interior designers to create uplifting, relaxing & joyful environments.

wild flower meadow painting with cow parsley & achillea by anita nowinska

Her years of working as an intuitive coach & career mentor inspired her direction of weaving uplifting & nurturing stories into her paintings. 

Now living & working in her Devon Studio & Home Gallery where she supports her Son & elderly Mother.

If you would like to arrange a private viewing or discuss Anita work or potential commissions, please feel free to contact us by email at or telephone +44 (0)7767 42082O or through social media Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Linkdin @AnitaNowinskaArt