Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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Anita Nowinska


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My new exciting Blooming Creative Series will be opening for enrolment 1st March 2020 for the course beginning 1st May 2020

Definition: Blooming - To Bloom:

1- To flower, unfold, grow & flourishing. To open out. ( a plant blooms when provided with nurture, feeding & light)

2- To come into or be in full beauty or health- to thrive, succeed & become radiant & glowing

The dictionary definition definitely covers why I love the word 'Blooming' so much!

THE BLOOMING CREATIVE is a collection of courses, group membership & coaching which will guide you step by step to a flourishing creative business.

The waiting list is now open for enrolment on my 15 week course, starting 1st May 2020 which will guide you with understanding, empathy & most importantly first hand knowledge & experience to develop a sustainable business around your creativity.