Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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Anita Nowinska


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Over the years it has become clear that one of things I excel at is generating lots of productive ideas very quickly with 'out of the box' thinking.

Given a brief of where someone is right now & what they want to achieve, from a hobbyist wanting to start selling to an established practice wanting to grow, I will work with you to generate dynamic ideas to reach your goals.

  • Marketing ideas
  • Collaborations
  • Increasing sales
  • Projects to generate publicity
  • Ways to present your work & yourself
  • Exhibitions & Shows
  • & much more

The masterclass is split into two 90 minute sessions which can be face to face, via telephone or live web based conversation

Session 1- Finding out what you do, where you are now & what you want to achieve. I will also use lots of creative questioning to get you thinking about how to make those goals more dynamic so that they really excite & motivate you. We will start coming up with ideas straight away & create a plan of how to move forward.

Session 2- A week later we have another 90 minute session in which we really go for creating some positive & strong ways for you to reach your goals. Between sessions, I will have got my thinking hat on & researched around your goals & where you are  to present you with an initial list of exciting ideas which we then expand on during this session. Two creatives bouncing around ideas results in incredible ideas which then grow & gain momentum.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than watching another creative soul flourish & blossom, doing what they love most.

The process always gets you thinking differently so that following the coaching you start to be more creative around the way think about what you can achieve.

You then have a choice of going & putting the ideas into action by yourself, or to do a 15 week coaching programme at a preferential rate to plan & achieve the goals together though the coaching process. The benefit of this is using my 30 years experience in coaching, I will help you identify & conquer the patterns which stop you moving forward, gain confidence, develop strategies for success & plan/ time-manage your activities to reach your goals.