Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
Inspired by Nature, to bring you joy
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fine art prints of golden hour meadow painting with dappled sunlight and cow parsey by anita nowinsska
Anita Nowinska

‘Quiescence’ - Sunlit Meadow Fine Art Print

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Title:         Quiescence

Medium:   Fine Art print on either textured watercolour paper or stretched canvas

Sizes:        40cm x60cm (16"x24”.) or 60x90cm (24”x36”)

If you would like a larger size, please contact me at                         or call    +44) 07767 420820

About this Print:  Infuse your home with the timeless beauty of the countryside with  'Quiescence’- Sunlit Meadow Fine Art Print. This elegant piece of art evokes an ethereal atmosphere with its dappled sunlit meadow, luminous yellow, ochre, magenta & gold tones. Its calming, uplifting aura creates a serene haven in any room, offering a moment of stillness for relaxation and contemplation.

The original painting, from which the print is taken, tells a story of finding meditative, relaxing moments by spending mindful time amongst the simple beauty of Nature.