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085 Unveiling- purple & lilac misty sunset landscape painting- limited edition giclee print


Title: 085 Unveiling

Medium: Limited Edition Giclee Print

About this Print:

Shimmering tones of lilacs, pinks, yellows, And purples meander across the sky , as the mist slowly rises over Surrey Hills.

Unveiling brings a mood of deep relaxation, peace of mind and reflection to a room. 

NOTE: watermark is purely for web security, it does not appear on prints

  • High quality Giclee prints from originals by Anita Nowinska are available in 2 formats, High grade artists watercolour paper or High grade canvas ready for stretching (unmounted). The paintings are printed to an extremely high quality, producing a gallery art print which looks very much like an original.
  • The prints come hand signed and numbered and with a certificate of authenticity.
  • They are available in 5 sizes (2 variants depending on the shape of the image) Sizes quote paper size, there is a 2” border around the printed image which holds signature and numbering
  • PRINTS in other sizes to suit or larger images can be produced up to 110cm at the short length- Please contact Anita for a quotation

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